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What Are Estate Coffees?

Estate coffee is a term reserved for coffee beans that are sourced from a single farm or group of co-operative farms within one single estate, plantation or mill. 

A rarer subset of Single Origin coffee, which is coffee that is sourced from a single geographical location, Estate coffee has become increasingly sought after in the coffee community for its traceability. Knowing the practices and growing conditions of your coffee's farm helps us predict the quality of the beans and how that environment might lend nuance to the flavor profile of your roast.

Premium Quality

With a commitment to sustainable practices and hands-on quality, Estate Coffees tend to be shade-grown at the highest altitudes and harvested and sorted to insure that the ripest cherries proceed to process. When roasted with delicacy, we can enjoy the unique tasting notes and aromas that distinguish not only the farm’s region, but even the intricacies of the harvest from year to year.

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