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Dedicated to the first responders who bravely defended our community throughout the Thomas Fire and Montecito 1/9 Debris Flow, the Montecito Coffee Company celebrates the steadfast vitality and spirit of Montecito. As with every Montecito Brand, you’ll see within our logo a flame to represent the fire. Surrounding the flame is the heart of recovery, an homage to the resiliency of our community of Montecito. All of this is held by the lantern from the landmark 1919 Montecito Fire Department, recognizing every first responder here and across the country who has provided leadership and light through the darkness.

1% for the Community

Montecito Coffee Company - Jeremy Harper - Butterfly BeachEvery product we create celebrates the beauty of Montecito, with each roast incorporating an iconic location painted by locally renown artists such as Jeremy Harper, but our mission is to go one step further. Not only to we seek to celebrate coastal California, we aim to honor it by helping to rebuild and sustain the strength of the communities impacted by natural disaster.

After the Debris Flow in Montecito, we gathered community leaders to form the Montecito Village Recovery Fund, a non-profit whose mission was to provide effective and regionally focused support and relief to individuals and businesses that have been most impacted by fire and flood in our community in the aftermath of the disaster. As we began to create products to raise funds, more wildfires broke out across California. That’s when we knew our mission was bigger than our little town.

Now, we have a Paradise Roast which raises money specifically for those affected by the Camp Fire, and a Malibu Roast aiding those affected by the Woolsey Fire. Our hope is to grow with our neighbors and our neighboring non-profits to share the love, the community outreach, and to keep giving back.

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