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PARADISE ROAST Papua New Guinea Peaberry Estate Coffee




Hand-sorted and exceedingly rare, the Peaberry bean only grows in 5% of coffee cherries and is known to roast to an even excellence due to its shape. From the Kimel Estate in Papua New Guinea, this Peaberry is vibrant, complex, and full-bodied with chocolate undertones and a long, sweet finish. A medium-light roast keeps this cup extra bright while highlighting the fruity, syrupy quality you love from Papua New Guinea Peaberry beans.

The Kimel Estate is cooperatively farmed and owned by the indigenous Opais peoples of the Wahgi Valley. They have their own wet mills like a plantation, but they are actually a group of farms centered around the mill. This is a great advantage to the the harvest, because unlike smaller Indonesian farms, Kimel farmers don't have to travel through poor infrastructure and wetlands to get to the mills. Thanks to the Kimel River, which runs through the estate, a large focus has been made on clean water, and special funding from this co-op plantation goes toward the building of schools for the community.


The Paradise Roast is dedicated to the 85 lives lost in the Camp Fire of 2018 as well as the brave community of Butte County as they continue to recover and rebuild. Proceeds from this roast will be directed to recovery efforts in Paradise, CA.



Variety: Mundo Novo, Blue Mountain, Typica, Arusha, Caturra, Catimor

Region: Western Highlands, Wahgi Valley

Harvest: March - April

Altitude: 1,580 m.a.s.l.

Soil: Sandy loam

Processing: Fully washed after depulping and fermenting, dried in the sun


All coffees are roasted to order and delivered immediately after roasting to ensure maximum freshness. For more info see our shipping policy. 



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PARADISE ROAST Papua New Guinea Peaberry Estate Coffee

PARADISE ROAST Papua New Guinea Peaberry Estate Coffee