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MALIBU BEACH El Condor Colombian Reserve Estate Coffee

The Malibu Beach Roast is dedicated to the three lives lost and to the thousands of people who lost their homes in the communities of Malibu and Ventura due to the Woolsey Fire. Proceeds from this roast will be directed towards recovery efforts in these communities.


From a second-generation organic farmer in Huila, Colombia comes the delicately aromatic Malibu Beach El Condor Colombian Reserve. This region of Colombia is recognized for its delicate profile, sweet notes, and fruity, caramel aroma. A varietal so worthy of a nuanced roast, you'll love the way our lighter roasting highlights the coffee’s medium body, bright acidity, and honeyed notes of tropical fruit, dark chocolate, and peach nectar.

Many farmers in the fertile region of Huila, Colombia originally emigrated from Nariño and settled this region in the 19th century seeking prosperity and affordable land. When Jhon Edison inherited part of the Armenia Farm from his father, it had been a farm that sold independently to private buyers for many years. Jhon reached out to his community of Arrayanes and convinced them to start their own association, uniting 80 growers to provide a market with fair and sustainable prices for their coffee.

What makes the tightly knit community even more unique is their commitment to sustainable, organic production. A two year process led to the adaptation of organic certification and Rainforest Alliance approval.

This area is full of pre-hispanic history and is very close to the Bordones Fall, a striking waterfall over 1300 feet high. With nitrogen-rich volcanic soil, Huila creates a climate so favorable for high quality coffee, in 2013 it was it received Denomination of Origin status – the same status awarded to Champagne, Roquefort cheese, and many other foods and beverages with unique, location-specific characteristics.

Producer: ASOBOMBO association

Cultivar: Caturra and Colombia

Region: Arrayanes, Pitalito, Huila

Altitude: 1500 – 2000 m.a.s.l.

Processing: Fully Washed - Organic Certified - Rainforest Alliance Approved

rainforest alliance approved 


All coffees are roasted to order and delivered immediately after roasting to ensure maximum freshness. For more info see our shipping policy. 


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MALIBU BEACH El Condor Colombian Reserve Estate Coffee

MALIBU BEACH El Condor Colombian Reserve Estate Coffee